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Railroad EmployeeAt the Brennan Law Firm, we strive to provide our clients with services that exceed the commonly accepted standards in the legal field. We have been providing legal assistance to injured railroad workers and their families for more than three decades. Over the years, We have managed to put together a service package that offers clients the professional services they expect and deserve.

When injuries result in lost time, the injured party is certain to encounter a number of obstacles on their road to recovery. Mergers by the railroad companies have created giant transportation conglomerates that have no compassion for their injured employees. A management style created by corporate greed and driven by the bottom-line leaves injured workers in a precarious situation. Injured workers are often familiar with the FELA, but are rarely acquainted with the intricate details of fully protecting their claims. From the moment you are injured, intimidating management, self-serving claim agents, and swift-moving legal resources will begin working against you. It is crucial that you begin protecting your claim by enlisting the services of a full service law firm immediately after you become injured.

With the Brennan Law Firm, our comprehensive legal services package takes much of the worry out of the recovery process. It is very important that you do the necessary research to feel confident in your choice of legal representation. Take some time to review this online booklet we believe it will make a difference in the way you judgeyour options in legal counsel. Moreover, it will help you understand exactly what you should expect from any legal representative you may consider. You will also find information to assist you in understanding how to protect your claim as you move through the recovery process. To get started, simply contact Mr. Tim Latimer at:

Neither this website nor it’s content replaces the legal advice of a qualified licensed attorney (union designated legal counsel). Please use our guest form to submit any legal questions you may have, so we may set an appointment for your free no-obligation consultation. We will help you determine the validity of any potential claim you may have against your employer or any other party(s) who may be liable depending on your specific circumstances.
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